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Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions of sale are pretty simple and†straightforward†for HB Philatelics. The satisfaction of the buyer is the number one priority. If you donít like it, return it! Iíll give you a full refund. Still, there are things that need clarified, so see below.†


  1. I accept payment in US dollars only via cash, money orders, checks, Paypal, and all major credit cards.

  2. If the buyer has purchased from me in the past or if not and has two references, I will offer terms of payment over time. I am willing to negotiate these terms so they will be unique to each customer. I donít hold the stamps during payment. I will ship via the postal service (USPS) unless the buyer requests otherwise.

  3. I will ship 1st class mail for invoices under $100 and certified mail for any purchase over $100, but less than $2,000. If the purchase is over $2,000, I will ship registered mail. Insurance is the buyerís choice and own risk. If the buyer prefers any other method or type of shipping, please contact me. The cost of shipping is the cost to mail the items plus $1.00 for materials.

  4. Missouri residents add 6.925% sales tax.

  5. Look at my show schedule. If we are going to be in the same place let me know and the buyer can pick up their purchases at the show, we can meet and shake hands, and save the shipping charges as well as any chance of damage through the mail.†


  1. Returns are simple. As stated above, if you donít like it simply return it (in the same condition as received obviously) for a full refund. If the buyer isnít happy, Iím not happy!

  2. Expertizing (Non-graded Certs). I do my best to identify and describe a stamp correctly, to include any faults or problems that may be on the stamp. However, that doesnít mean I donít miss something from time-to-time. Should the buyer decide to send a stamp to an expertizing agency for a certification, please let me know within a week of receiving the stamp(s). Should the stamp come back as not described, return the stamp for a full refund and I will also refund the cost of the cert.

  3. Expertizing (Graded Certs). Same as above except I will not refund the cost of the cert for a grade that doesnít meet with the buyerís liking. As all collectors and philatelists should know, while there is a standard in the Scott catalog, grading is still very subjective.

  4. I will accept certificates from the following expertizing agencies. If the buyer wishes to use some other agency, please contact me first.

    • The Philatelic Foundation (PF)
    • Professional Stamp Experts (PSE)
    • American Philatelic Society (APS)
    • Philatelic Stamp Authentication & Grading (PASG)
    • William Weiss

  5. Approvals. I still remember the days before the Internet. Even though the buyer can see images of the stamps I offer on this site, not everyone has Internet access. I can send photos and or scans of any stamp(s), and I will also gladly send stamps on approval. On approval is simple. Like Ďem, send me payment. Donít like Ďem, send them back.